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July 27, 2007



I agree with you completely! Thank you for posting this - it feels so good to know that there are others that feel the same way & go through the same trials. . . ! Thanks Cheryl!


Bren, Thanks! This is a small excerpt from an inspirational trunk show presentation I have developed.

Monica Leaning

Way to go sister! I loved your comments on What did you do this week. Being a visual artist I so understand "going to the studio" in my house to work. Sometimes I just have to move thing from left to right to get me going, or, put on a little tina Turner! Your oldest sister!

michele d'amore

hi cheryl,
my name is michele d'amore. i would like to contact you regarding quilt projects, but can't seem to find an e-mail address for you. would you mind forwarding it to me?

Monica Leaning

The difference between an amateur and a professional is this: an amateur works when they want to, or when they "feel" like it; a professional works steadily, everyday, whether they "feel" like it or not, they work! Monica

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