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December 29, 2007



I'm going to have to try and digest this info. I love the idea of knitting sox, so I might really have to give it a try!


If this "never knitted before" girl can do it so can you!


Hi Cheryl! I just loved the socks that you made for Holly. Is that your pattern, and if so, do you sell it? You mentioned a couple of books that you found, can you list those? There is some really groovy hand-dyed sock yarn at my LYS that I am dying to get and make myself a cool pair of socks to go with the pj's that I also wear as my daily uniform ; )
Thanks! annie


Annie the sock book is simply titled "Knit Socks!" by McCarthy. It is sock shaped and easy to find. The instructions are a bit easier to follow than the typical pattern. I also have the "Knitters Companion" to decipher the code. It also taught me how to knit. I have only been knitting for a year now. I still struggle to understand some patterns. I added "Knitting without Tears" (great reference) and "Knitting in Plain English" (help with understanding patterns). I love technique and reference books in general.

Holly's socks are just a basic sock since the yarn was interesting. They are made with some great yarn from Italy.

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