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October 09, 2008



Oh, my goodness! I love that smocking!!! Please tell us how to do it....it's great!


Will do!


It's adorable Cheryl! I'm a traditional smocker -- this new way (is it new?) is very interesting!

Bernie Shell

Hi Cheryl!
I'm totally new to your blog - I LOVE your work! Do you do long-distance quilting? Also, please show/tell us how the smocking is done? Darn cute!
Bernie (Washington)


As someone who enjoys heirloom sewing and smocking, I was thrilled to spy your special block on Holly's blog! I normally refer to this as lattice smocking, since the finished project resembles lattice work. I love your use of it. Great tutorial and explanation, too! Can't wait to see the completed quilt!


Hi, I live in Brazil, I think the very interesting point smocking.
As people are creative!
I embroider cushions, and I would like to learn the technique of smocking. You can teach me how to do this?
Thank you so much!

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