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June 16, 2009


Deb Levy

I Love it! (and the story) I too have 3 sisters and we all quilt...2 of us are longarmers In fact, I am fortunate enough to be spending the day with one of them tomorrow...sisters; such a gift!


ooooohhh! I see why you want some more orange. Great color to make that just pop! Great little quilt. Now....who gets the quilt?

Cheryl Winslow

We do need a bit more orange for the binding. It belongs to the sister who brought it to life!

Monica Leaning

Fabulous job Little Sister! You are a gifted visionary, and the "ugly" blocks work, I can't even find them! Love you, The Biggest Sister (or is it the Oldest Sister!)

Cheryl Winslow

Oh come on, old is better than big any day!


What a hoot! This is my first visit to your blog....but I'll be back!!


great job sisters!!!!!

Maryann Kuchar

Hi I am one of the middle sister. All forgot the other middle sister was not feeling well and need something to do to mend. The oldest sister got involved and the three of us thought we would like the zen look to the quilt, until the baby sisiter turn it to a modern quilt. I am still waiting for a picture as promised by the middle sisier.

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