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August 05, 2009



I'm having difficulty seeing what the link is.

Cheryl Winslow

Sheila now it should work.

In essence its how to use the way your brain works to your advantage. you need to look where you want that quilting line to go, not where you don't want it :)

just in a different sort of forum...

Monica Leaning

I commissioned my sister Cheryl to do place mat size quilts that would represent me and my 7 sorority sisters as we celebrate 45 years of friendship. With only 3 directions, "use red and green, put 8 spots on each one to represent the 8 of us, and a loose suggestion of our symbol, the lyre, she has blown me away! In recent phone conversations she has described what can only be an amazing result! I have total confidence in her aesthetic design, the concept, and her impeccable skills! Stay tuned for photos! Way to go sis! love you, Monica

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